Celebration of Deaf Life

Paula Wesley

Featuring Paula Wesley “It’s Not Magic, But It Feels Like Magic”

Defty Awards of Excellence in the Arts 2018 Literary Youth Awards – We Want Your Story

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Visual Arts

Visual and Theatre Arts in sign language truly expresses from the heart of who we are.

Social Enterprises

Social Enterprises

Working with businesses and communities to improve our well-being.

Deaf Heritage

Preserving Deaf history, language and culture for generations to come.

Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts

Open your eyes engage your imagination to a cultural experience not so silent.



Deaf Cinema reflects our identity and captures our Deaf way of life.

Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf

Education and Literacy

Promoting literacy through sign language and advancing educational standards for teaching professionals.

Sign Language Institute Canada

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SLIC Certification for Teachers and Instructors in ASL/LSQ

Deaf Community

It’s Who We AreSharing our community values, experiences and beliefs in sign language.


Provincial Affiliates Across Canada

Thanks to your generous support we are able to deliver quality services and programs in ASL and LSQ that promote literacy and accessibility across Canada.