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Handmade Wooden Trains & Toys

Celebrating the life of Joseph Paul Stanley Forgeron

Paul Forgeron has created beautiful wooden trains and toys without the use of nails.    You can see the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail given to his wooden pieces that are on display and for sale at The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE.  Paul learned woodworking skills from the Halifax School for the Deaf in Nova Scotia.  He continued to work with and develop his trade of woodworking his whole life.  As a hobby, Paul created and operated model trains on tracks through the little communities in his basement.   Paul was well known in the Deaf Community, and after his passing in 2011 his wife Barbara sent a collection of his works to the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE, in Toronto.

Wooden Train by Paul ForgeronWooden Train by Paul Forgeron


Paul Forgeron and his Toy Village
Paul Forgeron and his Toy Village
Paul Forgeron stands behind a wooded fishing boat with a white deck and a grey hull.
Fisherman boat
CN trains & antique trains
Wooden Tug Boat made by Paul Forgeron
Wooden Tug Boat
Wooden Antique Train Engine
Wooden Antique Train Engine