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Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf Archives

 Welcome to the archives of the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf

Our mandate is to acquire, preserve, and promote our cultural heritage.

We have inherited and maintain documentation of Deaf culture that is rich with the struggles and triumphs of Deaf Life, artifacts, traditions, and storytelling in sign language.  The legacy that we inherit from our past helps us make sense of the present, and is a gift for future generations to come.   We identify with who we are, Deaf, and promote respect for sign language and a diverse culture that is creative and able.

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If you would like to add documentation  to the Archives Repertory or have cherished artifacts you would like to donate to the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE for display please contact

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Institutional Archives

Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf Fonds (coming soon)

DEAF CULTURE CENTRE Fonds (coming soon)

Deaf Heritage in Canada Collection

Private Archives


P001 Canadian Theatre of the Deaf Fonds

P002 Deaf Canada/Sourds du Canada Fonds

P003 Eastern Canada Association of the Deaf Fonds

P004 Winnipeg Church of the Deaf Fonds

P005 The Deaf Canadian Fonds

P006 XII World Winter Games for the Deaf Fonds

P007 Christy Mackinnon Fonds

P008 Ottawa Silent Athletic Club Fonds

P009 Boose Family Fonds (coming soon)

P010 Deaf Sport Collection

P011 Iris Nelia Aranda Fonds

P012 Canadian Deaf Youth Leadership Camp Fonds

P013 Forrest Nickerson Fonds

P014 Saskatchewan Coordinating Council on Deafness Fonds (coming soon)

P015 Gary Louis Malkowski Fonds (coming soon)

P016 Deaf Canada Today Fonds (coming soon)