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About Our Organization

The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CCSD), a registered non-profit charitable organization incorporated in 1973, which preserves, encourages, and advances the arts and culture of Canada’s Deaf population through performance and visual & media arts and literature reflective of Deaf heritage. CCSD is recognized as one of Canada’s national arts service organizations, has received numerous awards for its Deaf arts productions.

Today the CCSD is alive and growing and serves many more with its programming, outreach, cultural activities and award-winning Deaf heritage resources such as, and Canadian Dictionary of ASL.

Sign Language Institute Canada (SLIC) is one of the important branches of Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CCSD) and its mandate is to develop the national certification process for Sign Language Instructors.

The key mandates of The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CCSD) are as follows:

  • To build community, as well as preserve, encourage and advance the cultural interests of Canada’s Deaf population.
  • To foster greater self-esteem, a stronger sense of inclusivity and greater social equality for Deaf Canadians.
  • To encourage new and developing forms of creativity, research, participation and interest in the arts, humanities, social sciences and literacy development.
  • To guide provincial societies in their cultural pursuits and in highlighting the unique cultural contributions of the Deaf community.
  • To promote better understanding between the Deaf and the hearing.
  • To advocate for progress in literacy at all levels and to promote bilingual, bicultural education of Deaf children.
  • To develop and promote heritage resources.
  • To promote Deaf arts, media arts and literature.
  • To provide a warm, welcoming, and thriving space for both Deaf and hearing visitors.

In addition, CCSD is committed to strengthening our upcoming Deaf generation through providing opportunities for young Canadian Deaf performing artists, celebrating young Deaf artist achievements, and promoting Deaf well-being by reducing the stigma associated with being Deaf and increasing understanding between Deaf and hearing people through the arts.

CCSD relies on donations, earned revenues, sponsorships and grants.

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