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Deaf Heritage In Canada

Deaf Heritage in Canada:
A Distinctive, Diverse, and Enduring Culture
By Clifton F. Carbin

“Deaf Heritage in Canada: A Distinctive, Diverse and Enduring Culture.” written by Clifton F. Carbin, (1996) a project of the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf and published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited, is available to you on-line for educational and research purposes and for your enjoyment.

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Foreword, Acknowledgements, Introduction, and CHAPTER 1 : (The Early Days – Attitudes Toward Deaf People and Their Education)

CHAPTERS 2 & 3  : (The American Scene and Early Education Efforts and Short-Lived Schools)

CHAPTER 4  : (Schools in Quebec and Ontario)

CHAPTER 5 : (Schools in the Atlantic Provinces)

CHAPTER 6 : (Schools in Western Canada)

CHAPTER 7 : (Organizations)

CHAPTERS 8 & 9 : (Deaf Settlers in Western Canada and Occupations)

CHAPTER 10 : (Religion)

CHAPTER 11 : (The Printed Page)

CHAPTER 12 : (Sign Languages)

CHAPTER 13 : (The Visual Arts)

CHAPTER 14 : (The Performing Arts)

CHAPTER 15 : (Sports)

CHAPTER 16 : (Hobbies and Leisure Activities)

CHAPTER 17 : (“Down Memory Lane” – Insights,Andecdotes, and Adventures)

CHAPTER 18 : (Military Service and Training for Deaf People)

CHAPTER 19 : (Deaf People and Technology)

CHAPTERS 20 & 21 : (“Silent No Longer” and A Few Things More …)


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