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Interpreter Services Products
Posted on: December 1, 2017, by : Dharmik Joshi

National community service providers offer services, products, and full access to information for clients requesting their services. The cost for interpreters with an organization or a freelance interpreter varies. Sometimes you may be eligible to have the costs covered by a not for profit organization’s fundraising efforts or the Government of Canada through an approved service agency. Interpreters are known to do work in-kind depending on the need of the client and their availability.

You may need to hire an interpreter for many reasons such as a business meeting, job training, medical appointments, funerals, weddings, court proceedings, school class room instruction, community events, theatrical performances, family meetings, etc…

Having an interpreter for school instruction may not be enough, you can hire a Note Taker, someone who will clearly and accurately document the lesson for later reference.

Captioned videos relay spoken content of a video or film and can be in any language. In 2007, the CRTC Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, recognized the importance of captioning and worked with English and French groups from across Canada.


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