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You can donate to Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf directly through the donation form below. Once completed you will receive your electronic tax receipt in your email from

Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf (CCSD), a registered non-profit organization, recognized as one of Canada’s national arts service organizations, has received numerous awards for its Deaf arts productions.

The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE (a project of CCSD) rooted in the Deaf community, is open to the public and located in Toronto’s Distillery Historic District. The CENTRE mentors Deaf and hearing students, interns and artists. It promotes visual artists through professional art exhibitions in its gallery, and performing artists through professional sign language theatre and film productions.

In May 2019, the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE partnered with Palgong Tea Company to enhance and extend the experience of Deaf visual and signing arts to visitors by providing an interactive social location to network with others interested in learning and promoting the Deaf arts. Palgong is known for its milk tea infused with rich flavours from fruit teas, smoothies and coffees.

CCSD has increased Deaf arts standards, provided forums to feature Deaf arts and built significant partnerships. We are now at a tipping point in building capacity in the Deaf Arts community through these arts partnerships and increased exponential exposure with 60,000 visitors annually. We are becoming an integral, vital and authentic part of the Canadian arts eco-system.

The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE features work by Deaf artists in a cultural space that allows all to understand Deaf culture, sign language and the Deaf arts scene. CCSD relies on donations, sponsorships, earned revenues and grants.

Exciting Plans for 2023-2024:

  • Establishing Deaf arts training on a national scale
  • Increased arts eco-system support for Deaf visual and performing artists and arts professionals
  • Increased Deaf Artist Collectives across Canada
  • Celebrating ideas with Deaf arts inspiration – Online exposure for Canadian Deaf artists/actors by developing Def-T Talks inspired by TED Talks
  • Publications, training and professional development e.g., Sign Language Institute Canada, Def-T, community development & outreach in Deaf arts, team building and leadership development for Deaf youth, companies, communities and organizations
  • National Deaf Arts Festival
  • Establish Deaf Arts Retreats in Grand Digue, New Brunswick. Engage a new generation of Deaf artists with expert faculty, mentors and leaders in visual and performing arts.

We could not accomplish our goals without the cornerstone support of our donors. Your support allows us to reach our expanding goals. We welcome both large and small donations. Donating its hassle-free and your gift will be put to work immediately. Even a small donation allows you to be part of Deaf cultural arts.

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