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Education and Literacy

Educational Projects of CCSD

Sign Language, Identity, Deaf Culture

Deaf Planet Sports Village

Sports Village is a fun website for Deaf & hearing kids (ages 8-12), where you can play, explore and find out more about Deaf athletes.

Unlocking Culture

Watch for the progression the CCSD Project Unlocking Culture:  Connecting Communities

ASL Mother Goose Program

Communicate with your Deaf child and develop their literacy and self esteem.   Mother Goose Workshops are hosted at various locations, including the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE.

Deaf Planet

Learn to sign in a fun and interactive way by joining the adventures of Kendra, Max and Wilma as they travel in outer space.

ASLphabet Dictionary for Kids

Look up signs in ASL using handshapes, locations and movements or search english words for the ASl signs.

SLI Canada

Sign Language Institute Canada offers educational resources in ASL & LSQ and a network for teaching professionals.