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Come and visit our centre to see artwork by Deaf artists!

The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf is seeking Deaf artist applicants for its NEW Deaf Artist-Run Collective (DARC) to showcase their professional artworks of all kinds. We are working to foster a network of artists, gallery exhibits and collections to represent the interests of Canadian Deaf artists, while providing the opportunity to advance their economic standing and enhance the public’s interest in Deaf artist-run cultural exhibits. Works of art for display or for sale will be showcased throughout the year, featuring four to six Deaf artists per year.

Current Exhibition:

Touch – Don’t Touch

December 2021

A live and digital exhibition curated by Maryam Hafizirad, presents the evolution of two contrasting Toronto artists. Deaf Chinese artist Wei Wang‘s challenging inside glass-bottle oil painting cannot be touched. It is juxtaposed with Deaf Sri Lankan artist with Usher Syndrome, Nivejah Navarathinam‘s mixed-media 3-D tactile painting exploration encouraging touch.

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Past Exhibitions:

Unmasked – Maryam Hafizirad

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