The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE has become a learning centre for Deaf and hearing students and trainees that need valuable work experience.  Internship Programs are designed to meet the requirements  for a qualifications of specific skills, sometimes without pay.  At a time when we strive to be inclusive in the workplace,  the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE offers a valuable cultural working experience in a signing environment.  We have had summer interns in the following areas: archives, museum studies, curating, event planning, program coordinating, public relations, community liaising, ASL/English interpreting, fundraising/development and accounting.

The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE has an Art Gallery, Museum, and Giftshop that could provide work placements to develop skills to work as a team or independently, clerical and administrative tasks of the Giftshop, interact with Deaf and hearing artists and visitors from around the world, Deaf Art Exhibits, Deaf Theatre productions, art,  research, archiving, support assistance with show openings and events, preparing for exhibitions, and work on special projects as needed.

To Discuss the possibility of an Internship Position
Contact:   Joanne Cripps, Executive Director