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We are pleased to announce our new partnership between the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE and Palgong Tea Company. This partnership will immerse visitors in a signing environment in the Distillery District of Toronto, a revitalized heritage site. Visitors/customers can enjoy the aromas and unique blends of Palgong Tea in our open tea shop-gallery environment. Whether popping in for a cup of tea “to go” or attending one of our inspiring and educational art exhibits, customers can taste and savour a sip of Deaf culture. This significant and strategic enterprise is indicative of the Deaf Culture Centre’s forward-thinking innovation and framework for social responsibility.

The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE pushes Deaf culture forward into the world in a new way where old assumptions are challenged. The Center is receptive and open to all cultures, but its primary function is to enrich and elevate the achievement of the Deaf community for everyone to understand and appreciate.

One of our core mandates is to feature a growing number of high quality Deaf visual and performing artists, exhibiting their work to significantly increased audiences. Our new and strengthened partnerships help build and solidify our place in the arts eco-system.

Def-T Booklet, (17.55 MB) Products include loose-leaf tea sold in eight original blends individually packaged, making them the perfect gift or souvenir for visitors to take away.

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