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Puff and the Magic Binoculars App

The Puff ASL Storytelling App, based on the children’s web series “I Am Puff”, is now available on the App Store for iPad! Check out the post below for more information!

About I am Puff

Puff has a huge fan-base and is adored as a superhero by Deaf and hearing kids alike. Puff is a colourful character who talks about differences, diversity and acceptance. Through the lens of intersectionality, Puff teaches kids what it means to be Deaf in a positive light with lessons in deafness, sign language, culture and Deaf identity.

You can watch Birley’s series here.

I am Puff is a children’s cartoon created for Deaf and hearing children. The web series combines a mix of live-action and animation, incorporating both American Sign Language and spoken English, with captioning also available. The energetic fictional character Puff demonstrates what it means to be Deaf in a positive light, with lessons in Deafness, sign language, culture, and Deaf identity. The five-minute episodes are a vibrant, colourful introduction to Deaf culture.

1S1’s Mission is to create theatre at the intersections of the Deaf and hearing worlds, always from a Deaf-led perspective. 1S1 was established with the goal of bringing balance in how to tell a story and whose stories are told. To create theatre for a hearing audience is one thing, to design theatre for a Deaf audience is another, but to put both together is where the excitement is. 1S1 aims to tell a story from a Deaf-led perspective so we are constantly creating new theatrical languages.

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