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Gift Card ” Tea Time”
Posted on: May 30, 2018, by : mstephens

$8.00 $3.20 CAD

Tea Time, 1981 by Igor Kolombatovik
Courtesy of Nanae and Sunny Ho
Photographed by Ava Cardenalli

An accomplished artist, he first studied art at the Chicago Art Institute and then in Yugoslavia at the State School of Art in Belgrade. He later studied at the Art Institute of Rome, Italy, and after he moved to the United States, at the San Fransisco Art Institute. Igor has been a Docent at the Fine Arts Museums of San Fransisco, the Oakland Museum of California, has been featured on several solo exhibits and continues to serve on the Board of Directors for DEAF Media Inc. at age 89. He has been a Bay Area resident for 48 years and also has roots in Toronto.

His artwork powerfully portrays themes of freedom, pleasure and beauty emerging out of oppression.

Tea Time was displayed as part of the Gallery Exhibit at the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE from June 28th – December 7th 2009.

The inside of the card is blank and includes the envelope.