The DEAF CULTURE CENTRE, under the auspice of the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, is a non-profit charitable organization that  relies on volunteers for daily operations of the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE and programming.  We offer a  diverse range of programs and events that enrich communities across Canada and raise the profiles of Deaf participants. Whether you are new to sign language or you are a fluent signer we welcome your enthusiasm and energy to bring people together to share our culture in a signing environment.

We need you. Volunteers and donors keep our doors open, run the gift shop, and provide educational tours, exhibits, and programs. Volunteering is a way to get involved with Deaf life, and meet people with whom you can share cultural experiences from across Canada and around the world. Become part of the team who strives to showcase and celebrate abilities of Deaf people. Whether you volunteer your time, or make a donation, you reap the benefit of knowing you make a difference.

If you are interested in volunteering at the DEAF CULTURE CENTRE or a CCSD Project please contact

Volunteers are an integral part of our programming.  Little here and little there but they all add up to enrich the qualify of Deaf life and community.  the time invested to enhance the qualify of life by the deaf community promotes Deaf leadership, believe in sign language and with sign language comes culture.  we all know that without language and culture, they lack identity so for this we truly appreciate and thank the efforts of the Deaf community and hundreds of volunteers.

Thank you to our volunteers who help to make our events a success!