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The Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf(CCSD), a registered non-profit organization, recognized as one of Canada’s national arts service organizations, has received numerous awards for its Deaf arts productions.  DEAF CULTURE CENTRE, a project of CCSD is located in the Distillery Historic District, Toronto. It is open to the public and rooted in the Deaf community. The Centre hosts many visitors annually, mentors Deaf / hearing students and interns, and promotes visual and performing artists through professional art exhibitions in its gallery, sign language theatre performances and film productions. DEAF CULTURE CENTRE’s current project is to establish Deaf arts training on a national scale and to increase arts eco-system to support Deaf visual and performing artists and arts professionals. 


One of our core mandates is to feature and foster high quality Deaf visual and performing artists’ work to significantly increased audiences, with increased numbers of artist works, increased and strengthened partnerships to build and solidify capacity and our place in the arts eco-system.  Partnering with the Palgong Tea Company allows us to expand, providing exposure to Deaf culture heritage and arts in a natural Deaf cultural space.

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