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Visual Arts

Deaf Art celebrates and nourishes Deaf life. All Deaf artists share the rich, visual world that flows from the human desire to create, to communicate and to imagine. Many artists, called De’VIA (Deaf View Image Art) artists, invite us into a world that specifically reflects Deaf experience and Deaf Culture.


Signed Languages are at the heart of Deaf Culture and the Deaf World. The many Signed Languages of the world are ours to cherish and protect. When we converse, study, work and play, and when we tell our stories, create poetry, drama and other literature in our Signed Languages, we nurture and safeguard Deaf Culture across the generations.


Deaf Culture thrives in the places where we gather and share our Signed Languages and our traditions, humour, common interests and experiences. In Deaf schools, Deaf clubs and institutions, through sports, the arts and congresses, we make deep and lasting connections. We find identity and community.

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