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Online SLIC Sign Language Instructor Training Program

Sign Language Institute Canada (SLIC) is committed to building capacity in the sign language industry enhanced skills development for Deaf employment meaning job opportunities resulting in increased pay. SLIC builds, grows, and nurtures CCSD’s online trainee and trainer communities across Canada. We are seeking fluent Deaf signers who are interested in becoming sign language teachers (ASL, and LSQ). We have paid training positions available for 12 trainees in 2023, and another 12 trainees in 2024. We are specifically focused on creating a diverse and inclusive national workforce including Deaf Indigenous, Black, Persons of Colour, LGBTQ2S and Francophone Sign Language Instructors.

New trainees will learn from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) international training:

  • CEFR interactive approach for curriculum evaluation and teaching meets the needs of all students.
  • CEFR and SLIC is the standard development and evaluation tool for certification.
  • Be part of establishing a standardized national accredited program.
  • CEFR includes descriptors for mediation, online interaction, plurilingual/pluricultural competence, and sign language competences.

The program is open to beginning to advanced sign language instructors with diverse backgrounds wishing to enhance their sign language instruction skills. The training program offers 10 e-modules over 10 months. E-learning on-line modules augment SLIC CEFR training and (SLIC) certification. E-learning modules include:

  1. Sign Language Multimedia
  2. Issues & Trends of Sign Language Teaching
  3. Sign Language Cultural Studies
  4. Sign Language Literature
  5. Sign Language Evaluation & Assessment
  6. Sign Language Applied Linguistics
  7. Sign Language Planning & Advocacy 
  8. Teaching Didactics and Methods
  9. Curriculum Development & Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  10. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

12 Sign Language Instructor Trainees Needed!

  • Trainees will be paid to study
  • Deaf Black and Persons of Colour trainees
  • Deaf Indigenous trainees
  • Deaf LSQ trainees

Contact Gary Malkowski for more information about the Online SLIC Sign Language Instructor Training Program.

March – December 2023
January – October 2024

The program has 10 months training session, and each accepts 12 trainees. The program provides online sign language training with one-to-one feedback and instruction provided by our qualified Deaf trainers and SLIC Sign Language Instructors. You can apply for the 10-month paid trainee program at Sign Language Institute Canada to enhance and gain practical sign language instruction skills.

Who is eligible to apply?

 Legally able to work in Canada

 Some teaching experience as a sign language instructor – asset

 Have a valid individual Sign LanguageInstitute Canada (SLIC) membership in good standing

 Demonstrate commitment to become a qualified sign language instructor


To express your interest in applying for the position of the sign language instructor trainee, please email your resume and cover letter at resumes@ Only those selected for an interview will be contacted for the interview.

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